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With their presence in schools, Chromebook has played a large part in helping Gen Z navigate their education. So we created a resource to help make their transition out of school and into adulthood a little easier.

The Adulthood is a branded content series about finding your way in the modern world, featuring Gen Z thought leaders who discuss everything from finances and entrepreneurship to mental health and dating.

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One Show Merit Award // Design Craft + Animation

Gold Richmond Ad Show // Production

Silver Richmond Ad Show // Advertising

s01, ep01

NBA all-star and investor Victor Oladipo discusses how to start investing. Illustrated & animated by Justin Leibow.

s01, ep02

Body-positive advocate and cultural commentator Jazzmyne Robbins discusses how to find authenticity while online dating. Illustrated & animated by Sofia Pashaei.

s01, ep03

Grammy-nominated recording artist DaBaby opens up about his path to college, why he dropped out, and how he found commercial success in the music industry through a unique combination of hustle, heart, and inventiveness. Illustrated & animated by Gunnar Pettersson.

s01, ep04

Hip hop artist Rico Nasty opens up about self-doubt, environmental stress and overall mental wellbeing. Illustrated & animated by Jordan Bruner.

s01, ep05

Author, musician, and climate activist Xiutezcahtl Martinez normalizes the feelings of anxiety and woe for a whole generation of young people. Illustrated & animated by Anne Calandre.

s01, ep06

Activist Trevi Moran openly discusses her gender transition and struggles with identity and substance abuse in her formative years. Illustrated & animated by Paris Glickman.

s02, ep01

Creator Rickey Thompson reminds us that joyfulness is a powerful tool in dark times. Illustrated & animated by Nataly Menjivar.

s02, ep02

Actress Keke Palmer discusses the importance of creating boundaries, practicing mindfulness, and putting yourself first. Illustrated & animated by Anne Calandre.

s02, ep03

NBA player John Wall talks about losses, wins, and role models he's found on his path to adulthood. Illustrated & animated by Marco Cheatham.

s02, ep04

Actress Michaela Jaé discusses real representation in storytelling, and why lifting up different voices is important. Illustrated & animated by Daniel Cordero.

s02, ep05

Basketball star Jeremy Lin shares the difference between happiness and joy. Illustrated & animated by Yibi Hu.

s02, ep06

Musician Kali Uchis shares how she creates music that is true to herself, no matter what others think. Illustrated & animated by Sam Bass.


Season 1 of this series was so successful, that Chromebook asked us to create a second season.


Season 2 quickly overtook Season 1 as Chromebook's #1 "Liked"campaign of all time.

Season 2 generated 26.9M views.

Content inspired praise and heartfelt anecdotes from Gen Z users.


A one-of-a-kind 'thank you'

to celebrate our talent.

We created custom laser-engraved Chromebooks for our talent, featuring a unique moment from each of their episodes. They loved them, even sharing on their social channels unprompted. 





Arts & Letters Creative Co.


Executive Creative Director:

Jed Grossman


Creative Directors:

Lauren Albee & Neil Ramanan



Christina Nordin


Art Director:

Erica Canup



Danielle Oexmann

Animation Studio:

Friends Electric

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