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This chapter of Destiny marks a tonal shift for the brand — pivoting from lighthearted and fun, to dark and serious.

To accomplish this shift, we decided to show fans that nothing is sacred by killing off their favorite character: Cayde-6.

The film helped drive the highest conversation for Destiny all year, with 19,000 mentions within 2 hours of its release.

Destiny gained 12K new followers across its social platforms, and the trailer became the most-viewed Destiny video ever.

Forbes  |  Polygon  |  Gamespot  |  Engadget  |  Variety  |  Forbes (wrote about it again 2 months later)

Reactions were immediately positive. We even managed to win over the notoriously critical Destiny core, with some brand deserters admitting they'd be returning to give the franchise another shot.

Fans built a shrine to Cayde at E3.

Fans even created a sub reddit pleading for the game developers to ensure the safety of Colonel (Cayde 6's pet chicken). 

They make a pretty compelling argument for why no other Destiny character could ever take care of the chicken, and ask the developers to give the community responsibility for the chicken's well being.  

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